Note to teenage self

Checking my emails first thing this morning at work, I came across my weekly round-up from TED news. After having a quick scan through its contents (unfortunately I was due to teach in 10 minutes time), one article caught my eye: ‘What I’d tell my teenage self,’ posted by Kate Torgovnick for TEDYouth.

However I found myself in the few, rare moments of solitude throughout the day mulling this idea over. We are often told not to live with regrets. What would I tell my teenage (18-year-old) self in terms of my education?

medium_4068966305photo credit: Rinoninha via photopin cc

  • Study harder – I treated my A-level studies as a time to socialise. Ultimately I achieved the results I deserved…
  • Trust your instincts – don’t choose a degree based on what your friends are doing, or worse because you are too scared to follow what you love.
  • Don’t blow your first student loan instalment on shoes and clothes and end up spending the rest of my university years living in vast debt need I say more!
  • Experiment – not in the illegal drug/sexual sense (unless that floats your boat), but get involved, join a drama club, sing on stage, write more… live more.
  • Do some travelling – how I wished that I could have spent my two month summer holidays backpacking somewhere in the world rather than doing data entry for a temporary work agency.


photo credit: *vlad* via photopin cc

Ah… the benefits of hindsight.

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